Wednesday, 17 August 2016

How to Spot Cult/Guru Psychopath Leaders: Just Look for the Jesus Association

There is no doubt that the image of Christ has been a literal 'god send' for Guru psychopaths and cult leaders. They are accutely aware of how deeply this archetype has been embedded into the consciousness of Western people as a symbol of all that is apparently correct and right with the universe.  

As you have been hearing me say for years now: the only reason we have cults in Western societies is because of the importation of Christianity from the Middle East which makes this brainwashing so easily undertaken by the cult guru. All the guru or spiritual psychopath has to do, is then glue their own persona on to that of the Christ archetype and the psychological connection/entrapment is thus generated. Even in Asia, with nations such as South Korea, were cults are practically a national obsession, it was the importation of the Christ mind control cult by European and American missionaries which made this cult explosion possible there to begin with.  

Jesus Christ is the ultimate gateway drug for handing your mind, body and soul over to a psychopathic cult leader or guru for their personal use and eventual disposal. 

Show me one single criminal, murderous and abusive cult in the West in the last 50 years which did not have Christianity central to its dogma... From Jim Jones to the Solar Temple, Christianity was the initial lure which led to people's slavery and then onto them being within a pile of corpses. There are still thousands of cults doing the same, which have yet to make news headlines out there, and at their leadership is some criminal psychopath comparing themselves in some manner or form to Jesus Christ and his message. 

"You know, Jesus really was great...which is why we support his message...your previous beliefs are fine with us...our organisation gets attack because we are like the modern Twelve Apostles..." 

Cult psychopathic leaders and gurus will have no hesitation in comparing themselves to Christ-like beings citing everything from ideas such as 'Paelo-Christianity' to referring to themselves as the 'Light of the World' even if the cult happens to be a flying saucer or alien contactee cult. The Christ lure is just too powerful and too useful not to be utilised.  

The psychopathic cult leader or guru may even refer to women he intends to seduce as being the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene and so forth. Soon she will find out that she is one of many such 'Mary's'.  

A female psychopathic cult Leader or guru will farm off her own daughters as sex prizes to the most psychotic and fanatical followers in order to cultivate a 'Christ'-like self image of his own within the fanatic, which the female cult leader desires to leave as her heir. This ultimate intra-compound 'star fucking' scenarios so common with cults. 

If the cult leadership or their children are deemed divine (like Christ) - as is always the case - then having sex with one of these dregs is, again, tapping into the archetype of the Virgin Mary. The mind fuck of Christianity is the core of every single cult in the West and all the New Testament archetypes will be used in order to keep the fanatics and the deluded under the spell of the primary spiritual tumour at the core of these pathological maelstroms of spiritual vapidity and psychological malignancy. 

The following list was sent to me by a woman here in Ireland who had been targeted by a Christ-friendly psychopathic cult guru and her story can be viewed as the standard template for how these predators lure in unsuspecting and 'searching for something'-type personalities.

"So one day he appears, the guru, the archetype that is going to show you the way home… and because he is so convincing, you believe it. Psychopaths are born with the innate ability to sell you anything, they are the best sales people on the earth. When I met my first guru, he pretended to be of the Christ lineage and very carefully convinced me of mine… oh how convenient, I am a Saint Mary something and a cousin of his Christhood…. well let me tell you I am of that linage but he is definitely not… and here is how you tell…He put every one of his PAYING students on a pedestal i.e some magnificent figure of the past christed family you were! He abused his wife He got you to pay for everything with his convincing nature. He got you to dish your dirt in hope of healing to use against you and then the attack begins where you lose everything and worse, your children’s innocence.

Be very careful who you share your business with and anyone coming across as a Christ… make sure you have a trip advisor review first. Many are seduced into this new age lure and trap of ego…. “Oh finally someone sees me and I AM special.

You are really special to begin with and you don’t need to dig into the past

Thomas Sheridan is the author of
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