Friday, 13 January 2017

Trump Has Taken from the Soulless the Only God they have ever Worshipped Unconditionally

I think I am finally starting to grasp the underlying nature of the extreme mass mental illness that has overcome so many people with their crazed and hysterical fear of Trump. Which, when you actually look at it, is based on nothing to be actually crazed or hysterical about. This psychotic, arm-wringing wild hysteria and terror among the anti-Trump faction comes simply down to this:

Obama was a god and not a politician to them and now their gods are all dead.
A completely serious and real icon of the Godhead Obama by one of his fanatical followers, the New Age artist Alex Grey.

Do you recall in 2008 the sheer psychotic hysteria of messianic salvation and religious zeal which greeted the election of Obama? He was nothing less than a living secular god for the soulless and dead inside. In an age of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens telling people that there was no magic in the world, no spirit and no soul, Obama became a kind of compensatory deity for these people. They finally had someone to worship. They could see, hear and touch their god Obama.

Now their god is dead and they have no god left to worship. 

Hillary Clinton was to be the Christ to Obama's Jehovah, but now there is simply no god of any kind for these people to unconditionally worship. More than that, their goddess-in-waiting Clinton was defeated by a loudmouth with strange  hair and the help of a three thousand year old primordial Egyptian frog god named Kek who was successfully resurrected on the Internet by 'trolls'. Trolls who proved themselves to be far more powerful than all the mainstream media and Hollywood Military Industrial Complex put together. 

Why? Because it was all done with great comedy and clever memes: the very essence of satirical sorcery. Only cults and other dead-inside soulless types who can't see this for what it is think this is 'trolling'. It is, in fact, Bardic Magic. When you have no soul, you seek out 'trolls' to blame it on. From mainstream journalism to comet death cults, humour and satire is a completely alien concept to these types. They can't grasp its magical power, so they will never defeat it. It's a battlefield they can't fight on as this battlefield requires individual creativity and inspiration and not some General giving them orders to follow. There is no chance for the dead inside to fight in this way, so they revert to slander, hysteria, attacking free speech and other people's legitimate free electoral ballot choices.

All the people who are currently in fits of crazed and psychotic hysteria over the election of Trump are literally people who have found themselves in hell. These are the ones who still worshiped their Obama god even when he implemented the fascistic and horrifying National Security Act, and when he also constantly bombed and slaughtered thousands in the Middle East. He was their god. Why would they not unconditionally adore him! They were also planning to do the same when Hillary Clinton murdered millions with her addiction to Gender Fluid Nuclear Carnage.

Their DNC gods have died and there is no hope of salvation. God is literally dead to these people and they are wailing in torment within the abyss of their secular, soulless hell.

The anti-Trump thing is simply a religious cult at the Kool-Aid phase. These people have lost all touch with reality. It's only an election to most, but to them it is nothing less than the end of the universe. 

There are many ways to do magic without having to put a saddle on a demon and ride it.