Monday, 20 February 2017

Progressives Resort to Cult-Like Smear Campaigns Towards Milo Yiannopolous


I have no affiliation, and no philosophical interest in Alt Right politics. I consider myself an Anarcho-Capitalist if anything, but also I despise smear-campaigns and witch-hunts, as they are always the mark of a dying cult trying to keep their remaining fanatics deluded.

The Tin Foil Hat brigade of OCCUPY DEMOCRATS would give Scientology a run for its money most days, but they have well overstepped the mark - even by their own hysterical and shrill standards - by claiming that  Milo Yiannopolous was defending pedophilia during an interview with Joe Rogan. He wasn't. He is talking about young males having a relationship with older males during the development of their own sexuality. So? How is that pedophilia?

Young straight guys often learn sexual nuances and the like from experienced older women. Same thing. If anything OCCUPY DEMOCRATS are being homophobic. This is not the same thing as monsters outside a school yard shaking a bag of sweets at a playground full of eight year olds, or a BBC Programming Director helping himself backstage to the kids on Jim'll Fix It. THAT's PAEDOPHILIA.

There was a hit movie and book called Summer of 42 back in the 1970s about a relationship between a teenage boy and a war widow and everyone thought it was beautiful. A personal friend of mine - who is a Milo Yiannopolous supporter - made a film entitled James about the very same 'coming of age' ideas and which won him an award at the Sundance Film Festival.

On the other hand, Bill Clinton raped an impressionable intern with his cigar, inside the Oval Office (while president) and then sucked her vaginal juices off it - Jimmy Savile style - and
OCCUPY DEMOCRATS consider him the perfect president and male role model?!?!?!

Have a look at the kind of artwork which the same Progressives hang on their own walls and deem to be fine and not in the least anything close to pedophilia in nature.

The reason why contemporary Progressives (post modernist, reconstructed Mary Whitehouse psychosis types)  promote ACTUAL - in your face - pedophilia is because their own "Identity Politics" has reduced all other humans to just pieces of meat with labels attached. Units for sex and servitude to the state, and a child to a Progressive Liberal - even their own child - is a sex meat unit and nothing else. 

When you have no soul yourself, you fail to recognise it in others. Progressives see merely "identities" and not humans. Now they are attempting to reduce Milo Yiannopolous' humanity to the level of the same soulless pieces of meat they themselves are, in order to keep their dwindling numbers of Progressive Cult Members from waking up and actually noticing how full of shit they themselves actually are.