Thursday, 27 October 2016

When Pete Burns and Micheal Barrymore Encountered the Same Demon

Every so often the universe presents us with a synchronicity that proves we are not living in an accidental or random universe. We are given warnings and experiences at the psychic level which are as relevant and potentially life-saving as our biological instincts and sensory awareness.

This week, Pete Burns passed away: here he is in the clip below, and by his body language we can see he is clearly aware of what Jimmy Savile was. Also in the same clip, is Michael Barrymore; a man who had his life ruined by false accusations of being an accessory to a possible murder and he is clearly frightened by Jimmy Savile. Barrymore was cleared today of any wrong doing.

While also in the clip is the repugnant sack of shit politician George Galloway, who practically makes love to the beast. The hierarchy and games of the 'insiders' is revealed for all to see. Galloway fawning over Jimmy Savile is proof of how the game is ordered and who is above the law. Savile was, Barrymore wasn't.


Cycles of Energy.

All you need to do is learn how to read the world (and people) as Energy Systems and it becomes a whole other place of awareness and insights. Watch the clip and you will understand what I mean.